I’m not moping. But whatever.

Don’t fuckin tell me you aint mopin when yous obviously fucking mopin.

y’all r fuckin dumb hly shit quit gettin all mopey bout shit wtf literlal y fuckin why u gh aint nothin worsen a buncha sad fu ckin whatevers. u gh. 

19 hours ago · 1 ♥

ffuck this im gettin high lmao l8r bitches

wb at the fuck????///?? 


I’m f f ffine.

I just don’t wanna talk about it

talkin bout shit is stu pid, an yway

Girls is hard . 

19 hours ago · 1 ♥


did you want somethin cause

I need to go, I dunno, distract myself

u h??? I just wanna make sure yo u ‘re alright??? oR whatever idk .

alexrenaudofnightvale asked: // Eli's a knight, because a knight should always be close to where the action is, and they're weaker away from the center of the board (away from action) plus they're hard to capture when they're in corners.

((fUckIGN vIBrATES  Y  O .  YO yO YO))

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