{[ mandya wip !!! maybe eventually i’ll color it ]}


{[ mandya wip !!! maybe eventually i’ll color it ]}


Nice and. Y eh. Enya laid back, hands drifting. Over him as she kissed him again. Eli’s neck and shoulders and arms and chest. Every part of him. Had to. Run her hands along his waist before slipping her hands underneath and over his skin. Warm.

Shh u t don’t you la ug h. There was no way she could get more red, but hell if she didn’t show her displeasure but prodding his side. With a big ol dumb smile. Ug h.

She melted into his touch, breathing out thickly between their hot and warm kisses. Fuck, god, she. Wanted to badly to get a little cooler. Everything was so hot and it would be easy to just tug her stupid sweater off. Yeh, let’s. Do that. Just thought how grateful she was was to be wearing an undershirt today.

Eli was used to the heat. He craved it, he loved it, but he was sweating and too warm and it was far too tempting to slip his own sweatshirt right off over his head. And.

Fuck it, sitting back on his knees, Eli did just that, pulling down the loose tank top beneath that started riding up and moving r i ght back down to kiss on Enya again, maybe. Not quite going for her mouth, this time, no. 

Instead, he went for skin left exposed after Enya removed that sweater. He kissed along her jaw to her ear and then down her neck, j ust. Kissing her, licking a little at the salt, the sweat and it was hard to keep from grazing the flesh of her throat with his teeth as he smiled against her. Fucking hell.

When was the last time he’d actually laughed doing something like this? When did he actually have fun with it? Enya was too good, too good too fucking perfect.




Actual Cannibal Shia LaBeouf

If you’re not already excited about Rob Cantor you will be now.

You know sometimes the way the news is lately leaves me feeling a little hopeless, but then something like this comes along and my wonder and delight in humanity is restored a smidge.

oh my god


Yeh, that. Shut her right up. Eli’s kisses were so perfect and just made her feel. Special. Enya tried to return it equally but it was so distracting and there was no way she could. Wow. Huffed a quiet breath out when her spoke, but. Jesus, that was good. “Please.”

She tugged on his jacket to show that y es, please, lay down with her. Beside her or on top of her or wherever the hell he wanted. Just. Please.

And. Well, now she was laughing and poking his chest before wiping off her face. “S-shut up, I j-jus get fuckin. E-emotional, okay? D-dick.”

G ood, good and he was pushing her back, juust that little bit, slow and gentle, more a suggestion than anything else. Pleeease lay back, come on,let him oooover you and good good good he was just kissing her, again, smi ling into it.

Laughing, a little, just lightly, working his hands up into Enya’s hair and sighing happily. What the fuck, she put him in a good fucking mood. It was stupid, it was awful, he loved it, she was p e r fe  c t. What the f uck. 

And Eli would lay over her, straddling, kissing down deeperdeeperdeeper and just loving the moment, the situation, all of it.



His careful touch got right under her in the right way as her legs slowly curled up and brushed against his jeans. Hands curled to grip his jacket because. W o w. That. God, Eli just had to say the right things.

"O-okay…" Yup, great, now her eyes were. Welling up again and Enya  hiccuped and felt stupid all over again into their kisses. Hell, just the pet name alone. If her smile could get wider it did because. Fuck, just. It was so perfect, he was so perfect, this was stupid gOD.

All she could do for a few moments was. Kiss him. Feel him against her and his breathing and above her and on top and. Shit. A lot of her dd want to just do this. Fuck or. Whatever. But. He had a good point that she couldn’t deny it. It could. Wait.

She laughed quietly as stupid, happy tears fell down her face and she wrapped her arms around his neck again just to hold him there. “I-I’d. I’d love that, yeh.”

She was doing tht whole crying thing, again, and he didn’t know what to do with that but kiss her fuller and deeper, kiss those emotions right out of her. Hi. Hi. Shhh, it’s o kay. What the fuck. Good. 

And he loved hr voice and her mouth and all of her, what the fuck, she was amazing. Perfect, fucking perfect, shit. “Mind if I fuckin’ lay down?” Just get comfortable. Just touch her, stay against her. Love her fully, dear fucking Go d. 

"You’re fuckin’. Silly. Christ, cryin’ all the time."


Enya followed his movements, careful to not fall over as she sat down. Her hands slowly traced down his sides to gently tug on his belt loops again. At Eli’s words, now, instead of inflaming her further, it. She paused. Her kisses still came in careful presses, but she hesitated in thought.

"I… Mmm. Maybe not. T-that…” It shouldn’t be hard to figure out what she meant, but. Still, nervous, she could of. Repeated herself. Wasn’t going to, but.

Ye h no, if she couldn’t say it, odds were it wasn’t the best time to go further. She didn’t mind letting her hands trail up and down his chest with light touches, humming quietly into the kiss from nervousness and enjoyment.

"We doin’t haf to though… r-right?” A question not directed toward Eli personally, but a question she had the habit of asking. Nowadays. Just to be sure. A bad habit to say the least.

Let’s focusing on him. That’s. So much better.


Right, and he… He actually smiled, with that. Soft and gentle, a hand moving to cup her face as he held against Enya close. 

"That’s the dumbest damn question I ever fuckin’ heard comin’ from your Goddamned mouth," Eli said, that smile in his voice. "We got free fuckin’ will for a reason, babe. Don’t haveta do nothin’, ‘specially if you don’t wanna, or ain’t feelin’ it. " 

Yeah. It wasn’t really? A problem at all. It wasn’t like he never got laid, and Enya was? She was special. Like fuck he was going to try anything she seemed hesitant about. 


"Mind if we keep kissin’ or whatever, though?" h e was REALLY enjoying that, like whOA.


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